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Construction and Building

Siddiqui & Raza regularly advises contractors, builders and property developers on various development projects. Siddiqui & Raza provides solutions to issues that arise at all phases of a construction project, including environmental NOCs required under the Pakistan Environmental Protection Act, 1997. Arbitration services are also provided for handling arbitration matters arising out of a construction dispute.

Our services include:

  • Drafting and vetting of construction contracts.

  • Drafting and vetting of professional advisory contracts, including architects’ appointment, surveyors’ appointment and engineers’ appointment contracts.

  • Drafting and vetting lease agreements, pre-let agreements, development contracts and sale and purchase agreements.

  • Representing builders, contractors and property developers in cases before the District Courts and High courts.

  • Advising builders, contractors and property developers in fulfilling all necessary legal requirements prior to construction and obtaining all relevant NOCs from governmental departments.

  • Advising builders, contractors and property developers about the relevant environmental laws and the necessary approvals to be obtained.

  • Assisting in preparation of environmental compliance reports which conform to the legal requirements set out under all relevant environmental laws.

  • Assisting builders, contractors and property developers in obtaining building and commercialization permission from all relevant governmental departments.

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