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Siddiqui & Raza has extensive expertise of advising leading financial institutions and corporate borrowers on some of their most complicated finance transactions and are recognized for its practical and commercial approach.


Our services include:

  • Drafting various loan, security and charge documents on behalf of banks and financial institutions.

  • Drafting various agreements for banks and financial institutions.

  • Advising leasing companies on different legal issues.

  • Assistance in drafting, vetting, and negotiating settlement/restructuring/rescheduling agreement for banks.

  • Drafting and negotiating agreements for syndicate finance facilities.

  • Conducting Legal Audit of banks’ and financial institutions’ credit record.

  • In case of default of finance facilities, representing banks and leasing companies and other financial institutions in Banking Courts and High Courts to obtain earliest decrees and enable them to recover their claim amount through sale of securities.

  • Giving formal opinions to banks and financial institutions on title and validity of securities being offered by their borrowers.

  • Getting charges registered/notified in favor of the bank with the SECP.

  • Giving advice on project finance for various industries in Pakistan.

  • Giving advice on real estate finance representing property developers and financial institutions.


Siddiqui & Raza have extensive expertise in advising its clients in relation to Mortgage Finance. Our clients include Financial Institutions, corporate and private borrowers.

Our services include:

  • Reviewing property documents of the immovable properties situated in various areas of the country.

  • Obtaining Search Certificates.

  • Confirming genuineness of property documents from the relevant authorities.

  • Rendering opinion on the creation of mortgage.

  • Rendering opinion on requirement/s of documents for creation of mortgage.

  • Drafting agreements and other mortgage documents.

  • Arranging registration of Mortgage Deed with the Sub-Registrar of the area where property is situated.


Siddiqui & Raza regularly represents financial institutions and private clients in criminal complaints before the Banking Courts.

Our services include:

  • Drafting, filing and arguing criminal complaints on behalf of financial institutions under Section 20 of the Financial Institutions (Recovery of Finance) Ordinance 2001.

  • Obtaining non bailable warrants issued against the accused.

  • Drafting, filing and arguing criminal complaints on behalf of financial institutions when the accused has dishonestly alienated the mortgaged property.


Siddiqui & Raza has long been involved with Islamic Banking and Finance and has wide experience with Islamic banking and finance documentation and advisory work.

Our services include:

  • Advising Companies and Islamic Finance Institutions on issues relating to Islamic Finance.

  • Instituting and defending suits based on Islamic Finance.

  • Drafting standard Islamic Finance documents in compliance with recognized Shariah principles

  • Drafting documents for Sukuk and musharakah transactions.

  • Giving advice on Islamic Finance including Ijara lease agreements, Murabaha finance contracts and Musharakah agreements.


Siddiqui & Raza regularly advises banks and other financial institutions, in reference to banking and financial crimes. We have extensive experience of litigation in the area.

Our services include:

  • Obtaining pre and post arrest bail for our clients in the Special Court (Banking Offences).

  • Representing banks and financial institutions in fraudulent misrepresentation made to the same.

  • Representing banks and financial institutions in offences under the jurisdiction of Special Court (Banking Offences)

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